About Us

Engineering and Medically-based:¬†We are a unique company in the fitness equipment and personal training industries due to our owner’s diverse academic backgrounds in engineering, mechanics of human movement (i.e. biomechanical engineering), physical therapy, exercise physiology and human nutrition.

Honesty & Integrity: Our most valuable assets and the principles on which we conduct our businesses. It is very difficult to find businesses today with these attributes and we have one-half dozen letters and articles to prove we possess these qualities.

Quality: Our owner’s education and extensive real-world experience in engineering, mechanics of human movement, and physical therapy, allow him to evaluate fitness equipment products and select the best value products as well as the products that are safest and most effective for your body.

Value: We can offer better value than Dick’s or Sports Authority! How? They may purchase the product for a slightly lower price, but the cost of their showroom space is much more expensive (i.e. $ per square foot) than ours plus their showrooms are open almost 3X as many hours. Lastly, they have a lot of sales staff on their payroll while we have one knowledgeable sales professional (one being the owner) in each showroom.

Service: Honor Roll Awarded — fast, friendly and professional service. Most of the big-box retailers such as Dick’s lack a local service team so they have very little control over their service team and often it takes a while to get service. Our service is local and normally can provide service within 72 hours.

Can Assist You to Tone-up, Lose Weight and Rehab Painful Joints: A full-service fitness company, The Exercise Equipment Experts and Columbus Fitness Consultants, has a team of fitness, nutrition and rehabilitation professionals ready, willing and able to assist you to look and feel your best.