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Save Money on Personal Training by Slot Sharing!

Great results can be achieved through personal training, however sometimes budget dictates what we can and can’t afford.  To help take away financial stress and allow our customers to afford being able to take care of their health and fitness we are rolling out a Slot Sharing program at our Polaris location.
Here is how Slot Sharing works:

Available Time Slots to train during the week are:

6am                10am               2pm          6pm

7am                11am               3pm          7pm

8am                12pm               4pm          8pm

9am                  1pm               5pm

Each time slot will be dedicated to two people to train together at the same time with a personal trainer.

Therefore, allowing the two people to share the cost!

Package Costs

For one month: 8, 45 minute sessions

(2 sessions per week)

1st Month: $99 per person

2nd Month: $149 per person

3rd Month: $149 per person

4th Month: $199 per person

Every month thereafter: $199 per person

This is an excellent option for a person on a budget.  Do the math, only $13 a session starting out!!!!

Now there is no reason for you not to be in the best shape of your life.

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