Service & Repair

Exercise Equipment Experts, who are recognized as a top service provider by the nation’s leading source for quality of service, is able to offer a highly trained and experienced service team to address all you equipment repair and maintenance needs for any of the equipment you purchase from us.

Buyer Beware

  • LONG DELAYS IN GETTING FITNESS EQUIPMENT SERVICES. Chain retailers such as Dick’s or Sports Authority out source their service so they have no control over the service of your fitness equipment. Additionally, since they sell a significant amount of lower quality fitness equipment this service team is very busy and can take up to 30 days to perform a service call.
  • VOIDED WARRANTY. The warranty provided on fitness equipment by the manufacture is voided if purchased online from an unauthorized online dealer. So now if a part needs replaced on your treadmill, elliptical, bike or home gym you are not only left to pay completely out of pocket for the replacement piece, but also have no one to call to fix the equipment.
  • NO ONE TO REPAIR YOUR EQUIPMENT. Unlike other services such as car repair shops, there is virtually no one to perform maintenance on or repair you fitness equipment. All fitness equipment needs maintenance and repair from time to time.




Service and Repair

All of the products we carry are of great quality, however ANY product made of engineering components can break down. For example, a Lexus is considered a high end quality car, but any Lexus owner can attest that over time they’ve had repairs done to the car. This is why it is of great value to be able to call our local service team to repair your fitness equipment. Simply call and we will schedule a service associate to come out to your home when it’s convenient for you. No waiting around for someone to show up sometime between 9am and 2pm!


Preventative Maintenance


Just like your car needs routine oil changes and maintenance, your fitness equipment needs maintenance to prevent damage or improper wear on the equipment. Therefore, Exercise Equipment Experts’ service team is able to provide the following maintenance services:

  • Treadmills – Require deck flipped and lubricated every 2 years …$195
  • Ellipticals – Recommended maintenance every 2 years …$165
  • Bikes – No required or recommended maintenance
  • Home Gyms – Lubricate guide rods on a weekly basis
  • Water Rower – Add chlorine packet to tank every 6 months


Installation and Delivery

On all equipment purchased from us we offer prompt, professional installation and delivery. Our professional service team will deliver your new piece of fitness equipment to your home or desired location and assemble it for you.



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