Get A Six-Pack for $99

Spring is here and Summer is on its way !


We would like to offer you : 6 (45-minute) training sessions with a Junior level trainer for just $99
This is a 2x a week for 3 week program designed just for you !

Upgrade to a Senior level trainer for $129 or a Premier level trainer for $149.
NOTE: This special offer if for New customers only.

This offer is available at both of our locations: Polaris and Upper Arlington

Call Us Today at 614-888-2994 to get started !

Regular Discounts

Regular Discounts

10% off Any Personal Training or Fitness package for:

  • Military and First Responders ( Law Enforcement, Fire Department )
  • Senior citizens age 65 or over
  • OSU students
  • If two family members train, each with their own trainer, the 2nd family member receives 10% off their package*.
    * 10% is taken off the less expensive package of the two family members.

5% off Any Personal Training or Fitness Package for:

  • Chase Employees*
    * 5% off any training or fitness package
  • AAA members

Slot Sharing at our Polaris Location

Save up to 40% on Personal Training

Great results can be achieved through personal training, however sometimes budget dictates what we can and can’t afford. To help take away financial stress and allow our customers to afford being able to take care of their health and fitness we are rolling out a Slot Sharing program at our Polaris location.

Each time slot will be dedicated to two people to train together at the same time with a personal trainer. Therefore, allowing the two people to share the cost!

Scheduling Time Slots

New clients who do not have a person in mind to share the slot with, we will work with them individually to match them up with other participants interested in slot sharing.

New clients who already have a person with whom they would like to share the slot with we will work with them to match them up with a trainer who can accommodate their preferred training day and time.

Package Costs

For one month: 8, 45 minute sessions (2 sessions per week)*

  • 1st Month: $99 per person
  • 2nd Month: $149 per person
  • 3rd Month: $149 per person
  • 4th Month: $199 per person
  • Every month thereafter: $199 per person**

*Slot Sharing pricing is not eligible for applying additional CFC discounts
**Above pricing is based on Junior level trainer

This is an excellent option for a person on a budget. Do the math, only $13 a session starting out!!!! Now there is no reason for you not to be in the best shape of your life. For questions or to sign-up, call 614.888.2994 or email us

Orthopedic Evaluation

Evaluation option for individuals with aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, hips back, knees, ankles or elbows?

Many individuals, especially over the age of 30 experience a variety of aches and pains and simply assume it is part of the aging process. There are actually several options to helping to alleviate or negate the aches and pains all together!

  • Option #1 – A limited musculo-skeletal evaluation performed by our physical therapist and a specific joint in the body. A specific exercise prescription will be written to target the area that is causing discomfort through strength training.Special Price: $79
  • Option #2 – A comprehensive musculo-skeletal evaluation performed by our physical therapist assessing every joint’s range-of-motion and muscle strength as well as assessing your posture, gait, balance and overall mechanics of movement.Special Price: $129
  • Option #3 – Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) may be performed to ensure that your muscles are able to contract the way the were intended to.  Muscles can become “turned off” as a result of injury and/or inflammation. The appropriateness and efficacy of MAT therapy for your body is determined only after a thorough the musculo-skeletal evaluation is performed to assess your body’s joint, ligament, capsular integrity.Special Price: 1 – MAT Treatment for just $99 with a Junior Level Clinician( New Clients Only )

$250 Training Package FREE w/ Equipment Purchase

You will receive $250 in Training Services with Fitness Equipment purchase of $999 or more.
– This package includes your choice of :
Nutrition Education, Full Body Orthopedic Evaluation or Personal Training
– The package will Exclude MAT, FSM and Laser Therapy Services





Referral and Rewards Program

Client Rewards Program

Share the best things about being a Columbus Fitness member with your family and friends, and we’ll reward you for every new referral who purchases any regular priced package. Receive as much as 50% off your next package!

  • One referral = 10% off next package
  • Two referrals = 20% off next package
  • Three referrals = 35% off next package
  • Four referrals = 50% off next package!

Training Package Rewards Program

Receive a gift certificate for 2 free training sessions after the purchase of your fourth 45 minute/1 hour 10 pack or second 30 minutes or more 20 pack.

Fitness Package Rewards Program

Get rewarded for buying equipment! Receive $250 towards personal training sessions with the purchase of at least $1000 of equipment.

Previous Customer Discount

Customers who have purchased exercise equipment* from us before will receive a $100 discount on their next purchase of a treadmill, elliptical, bikes, home gyms or water rower.

* Equipment purchases which qualify for $100 discount include: treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, home gyms and water rowers.