Magna Wave PEMF

Promoting Healing and Pain Relief

PEMF works by improving cellular function and health at the molecular level. The process enhances the body’s ability to heal itself and relieve pain quickly and naturally. This allows for improved training with less pain and injury, which leads to better performance and potentially longer career.

Our bodies are made up of cells. If our cells aren’t functioning at peak performance neither will our bodies. PEMF Therapy stimulates cell metabolism and helps to restore the body’s natural ability to repair and fight disease. Low power PEMF treatment doesn’t build up enough energy to penetrate the body much further than skin deep. While high power PEMF treatment, like Magnawaving, builds a stronger pulse of electromagnetic energy that can travel deep and benefit cells throughout the body. If the pulsed electromagnetic field does not reach the cell, it will not receive the effects of the therapy.

Good human and animal care includes vitamins, exercise, and good nutrition. These habits provide for a healthy immune system and help avoid getting sick. Even though we live in an industrial affluent country, our pets and equine athletes, just as we do, suffer from energy loss due to stress and environmental pollution. Together with insufficient exercise or stress from performance and diet complications, depletes energetic balance.

Cells no longer function correctly. This situation leads to poor circulation, declining performance, premature aging, and degenerative diseases. To potentially reclaim the body’s natural state of health; cell function needs to be restored. Routine use of Magna Wave pulsed magnetic energy is said to improve the bodies ability to repair cells and recover from illnesses.

In order to receive the full benefits of PEMF Therapy, the treatment has to reach the cells. Magnawaving uses high-powered electromagnetic pulses at a low frequency. Actively participating in US FDA studies, Magnawaving pulses are shown to reach through the body and benefit cells throughout the entire treatment area. This causes improvement in the systemic and arterial blood flow and benefits deep tissues.

Bemer, like many competitors, uses a low-powered pulse at a high frequency. This quick pulse doesn’t build up enough energy and isn’t powerful enough to reach more than skin deep. The effects, therefore, are not as deep and results are more short-lived. This is one of the many differences between low power vs high power PEMF treatments.