Our Team

At CFC, we only hire the most advanced rehabilitation specialists & exercise physiologists to ensure a comprehensive, tailored experience for every client.


Andrew Fawcett, PT, DPT


About Andrew

Andrew received his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from The Ohio State University followed by his Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy. Andrew enjoys getting to know his clients on a personal level as well as being a positive force for change in their lives. It has always humbled him to be trusted with the opportunity to assess his clients’ goals and then create interventions that will improve their lives. Andrew loves anything that he can do with his hands! This has led to his obsessions with cooking, wood working, and landscaping. He is never happier than on a cool, crisp fall day somewhere in the middle of the woods. Andrew started at Columbus Fitness Consultants in January 2011 to take part in an internship experience, and studying under the company’s founder turned out to be a defining moment in his life!






Sarah Wilson, PT, DPT

Clinical Director, Rehabilitation Specialist

About Sarah

Sarah received her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences from The Ohio State University, followed by her Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy. She joined Columbus Fitness Consultants in 2015 and enjoys establishing meaningful relationships with her clients, and helping them achieve their goals to get them back to their "normal" life! She loves hearing stories of clients going hiking after years of being unable, or clients lowering their golf score because they're no longer experiencing pain. Sarah enjoys hiking, reading [particularly history, mystery, and policy (foreign policy, pretty much anything by Agatha Christie, & historical fiction)], recreational sports (basketball and soccer), and spending time with her husband, family, and friends. When Sarah was 12, she was able to play basketball in the Dean Dome and Carmichael Arena at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, the University of Dayton Arena, and stepped on every inch of the court at Cameron Indoor Stadium.


Caleb Reed Director of Exercise
Caleb Reed, ACSM-EP

Director of Exercise

About Caleb

Caleb received his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from The Ohio State University and is board certified as an Exercise Physiologist from the American College of Sports Medicine. Caleb has been with Columbus Fitness Consultants since early 2020 and loves getting the chance to help his clients become more comfortable with exercising while explaining the muscle physiology and benefits along the way. He likes to spend his free time fishing, watching movies/TV, and spending time outdoors. Caleb has always had an interest in health and exercise. He got his start helping others improve their health while assisting in a study evaluating exercise and osteoarthritis/osteoporosis at OSU.










Rehabilitation Specialists

Caitlin Cotterill
Caitlin Cotterill, PT, DPT

Rehabilitation Specialist

About Caitlin

Caitlin received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Southwest Baptist University and her Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Physical Therapy from Pensacola Christian College. Caitlin has worked at Columbus Fitness Consultants since summer of 2021 and loves getting the chance to develop 1-on-1 relationships with her clients. She has significant interest in airplanes and loves spending her free time with family and friends. Caitlin is currently working on her private pilot’s license!







Fusting Photo
Gavin Fusting, LAT, ATC

Rehabilitation Specialist

About Gavin

Gavin earned his bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training with a minor in Integrative Approaches to Health and Wellness from The Ohio State University. His future goals include growing as a Clinician, working with athletes, active populations and people wanting to improve their health. Gavin’s favorite part about working with his clients is always seeing them progress and achieve their goals. He describes himself as a huge football and hockey fan while enjoying weightlifting, video games and playing with his cats. Sports are a huge part of Gavin’s life! He learned to snowboard at the early age of five and played Junior Ice Hockey in high school and ACHA/Club at Ohio State while earning his degrees.


Jake Pijor
Jake Pijor, LAT, ATC

Rehabilitation Specialist

About Jake

Jake received his Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training from The Ohio State University and his Master’s Degree in Movement and Leisure Sciences from the University of Idaho. Jake has been with Columbus Fitness Consultants since 2018 and really enjoys helping his clients to improve their quality of life as well as the relationship that is made along the way. He enjoys hiking, golfing, skiing, fitness, and dogs. Jake loves adventure! He swam in a glacier Lake at 12,000ft of Elevation. Jake plans to hike some of the Tallest Mountains in the world!






Exercise Specialists

Herideen Photo
Nick Herideen


About Nick

Nick received his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from John Carroll University. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from The Ohio State University. Nick’s favorite part about working with clients, aside from helping them meet their personal exercise goals, is getting to know them on a personal level and learning the best spots to eat in Columbus! When Nick has free time, he enjoys watching sports, especially football, and he enjoys watching Netflix shows. Nick grew up in the Akron area and has a twin brother.





Stark Photo
Brayden Stark


About Brayden

Brayden is a member of the exercise team at Columbus Fitness Consultants and is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Otterbein University. His favorite part about working with his clients is watching them realize that they are making progress toward their goals and seeing the improvements exercise has made in their daily lives. When Brayden is not studying or training his clients he enjoys weightlifting, watching movies and playing video games. Brayden is also a huge Star Wars Fan!