Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy 1

Musculoskeletal Evaluation

A client with any musculoskeletal pain or injuries such as arthritis, knee pain, hip pain, low back or elbow pain to just name a few, would first undergo a musculoskeletal evaluation. The purpose of the evaluation is to take a look at the whole body head to toe and look at muscle strength and range of motion as well as identify any and all areas of pain, discomfort or muscle imbalances. The evaluation is done by Jerry Greenspan and based on his findings he will write a custom exercise program that will specifically meet the needs of your body and overall fitness goals.

Jerry Greenspan is a licensed physical therapist who holds a graduate degree in The Mechanics of Human Movement (i.e. Biomechanical Engineering). His unique training allows Columbus Fitness Consultants to safely and effectively provide anyone a great training program regardless of previous or current orthopedic issues.

Physical Therapy 2

Post-Rehabilitative Services

Because of Jerry Greenspan’s passion for the mechanics of human movement and his drive to educate his staff, our trainers are knowledgeable and experienced in training individuals who may have just come out of physical therapy but are not quite ready to work out on their own and may need some more guidance on what exercises will promote strength and balance and which exercises may be counterproductive to their recovery.Our goal is to treat, rehabilitate, recondition and return the physically active population to their prior activity level. We emphasize the importance of early injury recognition and treatment.