Sport Specific Training

Baseball Training

Don’t Just Do It, Do It Right

Competitive athletes are always striving to improve performance. Parameters such as speed, agility, strength, and balance are very critical to winning the game. Regardless of the sport we are very knowledgeable on developing a detailed exercise program that will help the athlete reach their greatest potential.

Jerry Greenspan has taken the time to train his staff extensively on the principles of biomechanics which gives them the ability to determine which exercises and movements will most closely simulate similar movements during an athletes sport. The main goal of sports-specific training is to enhance the athlete’s strengths and to strengthen any inherent weakness or imbalances.

Along with training and competition often times come injuries and Mr. Greenspan is a licensed physical therapist and has worked with several athletes, both pro and amateur over the years. An injury can be quite discouraging and frustrating for an athlete, and we recognize that and therefore want to help them get healthy as quickly as possible. Through a physical therapy evaluation we will be able to determine specific exercises and stretches to do with the athlete and depending on the evaluation results they may be a candidate for Muscle Activation Therapy (MAT), which can also be extremely helpful towards a quick recovery.

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