Renee Lovelien

Wanted to update you on our progress. I hit the 100# loss this week. Both Tracy and I continue to workout & have made progress towered our goals. You had a part of THAT!! So thank you for all the instruction & encouragement.

Kari Losekamp

When I became engaged December 2009, I was very motivated to start planning everything even though we planned on getting married June 4, 2011.

All the planing for the wedding and reception was going smoothly I was happy with everything. Except for one thing , I wanted to loose some weight. Who dose not want to look there best on there wedding day!? I started jogging at the park weekly, but I did not feel I was achieving anything. Only re-ingering my knee. Long story short I tried numerous things gym membership, diet pills, teas, cleansing… Nothing was working.

With only Six months left until the big day me and my maid of honor attended one of the larger wedding shows in Columbus. Walking vendor to vendor I ran in to Columbus Fitness Consultants. They were offering a deal, I had never had a personal trainer or gone over nutrition with anyone. I decided this would be the perfect time to check it out.

Eager to look in to what they were about I scheduled a time to see the facility. I was impressed that C.F.C was not like any other “gym” I had been to. Everyone had a trainer working with them, explaining the exercise, answering questions, and making sure their clients were gaining everything from their workout.

I was impressed. I scheduled an evaluation because of all my past injuries from playing soccer in high school. The evaluation helped with what I needed to do to ensure I was not going to re-injure myself. I even learned things about myself I never knew. After my Evaluation we sat down and talked about my goals and what I wanted out of this. I explained I wanted to loose 10 pounds before my wedding. We then talked about nutrition and how important it really is. All my questions about nutrition were answered.

I started working with my trainer in February 2011 with 5 months until the big day, and I exceed my expectations. I lost 26 pounds before my wedding. I had my dress ulterd three times. When I started working out I was told not to run because of my knee and the risk of hurting myself. By June I was able to start running again, by September 2011, I ran my first 5k. I am continuing to run and train for a half marathon. It is December 2011 now and I have lost a total of 35 pounds my husband (from just doing the nutrition and helping me) has lost almost 60 pounds.It really feels great getting rid of old clothes that once depressed us.

I have continued my training because staying fit is not kept easily it really is a life commitment. I learned if you really want this it is a true lifestyle change. Not a quick fix by taking diet pills etc. Who would not find motivation in loosening weight, feeling great, and achieving their goals? This is now the awesome lifestyle I live.

Katherine Gregg

In the three months since I added a WaterRower to my exercise routine, I’m down two dress sizes, I have more energy and endurance, and I feel great!  As I close my eyes and listen to the “woosh” of water as I push through a stroke, I visualize myself sculling along a glassy lake!  I do my 10 minutes on the WaterRower four times a week.  By keeping a log, I track the number of strokes and calories burned.  Thanks to Margaret Lipp and Columbus Fitness Consultants and Exercise Equipment Experts for generously donating the WaterRower as a raffle prize to the Visionary Awards Gala!

Laura Bradford

Just about 4 years ago, I purchased a water rower from CFC to add to my fitness routine and the treadmill I already had.  When the treadmill died, I came back to CFC for a replacement and discussed my concern about soreness in my knees.  After a physical therapy assessment, it was determined that using a treadmill with an orthopedic belt would give me the cardio I needed without the knee pain.  So, I purchased the Bodyguard treadmill.  I also have added strength equipment to my at-home gym.  With that purchase, I was given complimentary trainings.

Not only has CFC, helped me improve my fitness level, it also gave me a resource for recovery after I broke my collar bone and had a plate implanted.  Now, I have more use in my right arm than I did before the accident.  Working out with the trainer twice a week and then at home, following the nutrition plan, and receiving therapy has allowed me to reduce weight, gain strength and balance, and recover from a serious break.  Where else could I get a comprehensive set of services? Nowhere.

Mary Lou C

I look forward to my weekly workouts at Columbus Fitness Consultants because I feel great afterwards. All of the trainers have degrees in exercise physiology, know the body mechanics, and combine that with enthusiasm in working with you to achieve your goals.

Personal attention means so much in using my muscles correctly because being a student of classical ballet most of my life, the Russian teachers emphasized strongly how important it is to use muscles correctly in order to prevent injury. Now that I am older, I am even more concerned about that in working out…….but, not at Columbus Fitness Consultants.

Toni Stevens

Hi Jerry,
Not sure if you would remember me, but my friend Lauren and I decided to sign up for personal training and your nutrition program in July. I wanted to write to you to commend your staff – primarily Justin Thompson – with helping me reach my goals. As of this morning, I have lost 55 pounds since I joined. I am totally amazed. My own doctor was in disbelief when I saw her and had recent lab work done.

I was so hesitant to start a personal training program because of being so self conscious, but your team has made me feel so welcome and have encouraged me every step of the way.

Justin is an amazing trainer- he makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly, doesn’t hesitate to remind you of your form – and corrects it if you aren’t keeping it, and pushes me because he knows I can do it (even though deep down I never think I can), but finishing a tough exercise gives me so much motivation. I am going on 6+ months, and there has never been one evening where I didn’t want to go. His knowledge is amazing – all of these ‘myths’ I thought I knew going into this has been dispelled. His constant encouragement makes me want to strive and take everything to the next level. When I struggle with exercises and say ”I can’t do this or that” just yet, his response always is “You will be able to soon, keep pushing”. I’m now balancing on a BOSU ball – if you would have asked me to do that 6 months ago I would have ran screaming :)

Sarah Hinton is also amazing – while I only see her briefly, she always asks how my diet plan is going and never hesitates to answer a question I have. She also encourages me when she sees me kicking butt on an exercise I struggled with in the beginning.

If you asked me a year ago if I would have ever stuck with going to a personal trainer, I would have said no. I am so glad that Lauren and I stopped in that day in June and took a chance. I see myself doing this long term, and having such a supportive trainer (and tough) as Justin makes me feel I will reach my goals as long as I keep up my end of the bargain with sticking to the plan.

Until the next 55 pounds –

Toni Stevens

Lisa Holland

In 2006, while working out with a trainer at large regional gym her in Columbus, I injured my right knee. After 36 physical therapy sessions with 2 different therapists, my orthopedist scheduled me for surgery.

A co-worker of mine (and CFC client) told me about Jerry’s education and background and suggested I meet with him. I doubted that he could help me, but I was desperate to avoid going under the knife.

Jerry started training me on weekends, and he assigned Nick to train me throughout the week. To my surprise, my knee started feeling better within a couple weeks! My orthopedist was shocked, cancelled my surgery, and encouraged me to continue with training at CFC. Thanks to Jerry and Nick, my knee was back to 100% within a few months!

That was over 3 years ago, and my knee still feels great. I’ve continued to train with Jerry and Nick – and am in the best shape of my life as a result. Not only did they completely rehab my knee, but I’ve also gotten results that I never achieved training with anyone else. The wealth of knowledge here is unbelievable. No matter what your goal is – to lose weight, build muscle, rehab an injury – the trainers at CFC will help you achieve it.”

Bill Burchfield

I started at Columbus Fitness Consultants about 18 months ago. A nagging injury to my left shoulder, which limited my range of motion, also limited the effectiveness any at-home training. CFC did a physical evaluation and designed a workout plan to first, bring back the range of motion in my left shoulder, and then focus on my goals of losing body fat while gaining muscle. It was a slow process at first, but progress was realized. As I got stronger, the plan was varied. By 6 months I had full range of motion, and no pain. My fitness goals of lower body fat and increased muscle mass were reached as well.

At the end of year One, I had reduced my BF percentage from 23% to 15.3%. while maintaining a body weight of 180 pounds. The Nutrition Course offered by CFC was another tool in reaching my goals. CFC stresses the importance of good nutrition. You really are what you eat.

Diagnosis of a medical condition and Doctor’s orders of no workout’s recently put a stop to my training at CFC for a period of 12 weeks. Following those 12 weeks, I couldn’t wait to get back to training. Now don’t get the idea, I am some kind of “workout-freak”. By no means. I have had my share of home gym clothes racks; joined other gyms and quit; made promises of “starting on Monday”; and lost and gained the same 15 pounds (193-208 lb) countless times. Something about the training and instruction at CFC made a difference. They did in 18 months, what I have been trying to do on my own for 18 years.

Thanks to Jerry and all the trainers at CFC for all they have helped me achieve.

R. Michael Taylor

Government Initiatives Group
Jerry, just a quick note to let you know how happy my wife and I are with the services at Columbus Fitness Consultants.

We have trained with trainers at your standard “neighbor hood” gym, and we have trained with fitness experts at a smaller, more personal but a “chain” facility. This is not a knock on those, it is a statement about how your program is different and rises above them.

At CFC we get a “good workout” with Kelly, we got “good workouts” at the other facilities also. What we didn’t get there is the focus to details and the individualy tailored fitness program. At CFC we were thorougly tested and anaylized as to our individual needs and fitness weaknesses.

Never before had I had a program that included excersise routines that included work on specfic areas such as my chronically weak ankles and a shoulder problem as a result of an earlier injury. While these excersise might not “bulk” me up, they are cleary helping my overall fitness, which is why we started a regular excercise regime in the first place. Thanks again, we look forward to a long and productive relationship.”

PS: I also wanted to mention the great experience we had purchasing a home gym; no pressure, just good solid advice on what we needed. Great price also!

Cindy Jandrain

Little did I know the day I walked through your front door I was in for a “lifestyle” change. I was just looking for a bike for the basement and once I had purchased it you offered $250 worth of free services. I wasn’t even aware of the services CFC had to offer. I finally decided I would try Jerry’s nutrition plan and set up a couple weeks of training sessions (this was after I canceled my first appointment and Jerry called back insisting we reschedule).

Six weeks later I found myself ten pounds lighter and really enjoying my training sessions with Kari. I had no idea what it could feel like when you are being trained properly and using each muscle group the way they are meant to be used. I also had a lot of joint pain in my knees when going up and down stairs when I first started training. It is now 6 months later and I have no pain at all in my knees when I use the stairs. I find that amazing.

I truly feel empowered by my new lifestyle. My body feels strong and energetic and that helps me continue to make good food choices to fuel it. Thank you Jerry and Kari. You have truly changed my life.

Michael Plouck

As I sat down recently for Thanksgiving dinner my first sentiment of gratitude was for the family members who were there with me. Almost as important was the thanks I offered for my physical wellness. As I chased my two year old nephew around that day it was the best I had felt all year. This says a lot given some of the recent activities that needed to be performed at work.

While much of the responsibility for how I feel rests with me, both of you played an integral role in the improvement of my physical health and well being during 2010. After shoveling some heavy snow for what will definitely be the very last time, I had attempted to let rest and inactivity heal me. When I came to you in Spring I felt much older than I am, was limited in what I could do as a result of severe lower back pain and quite simply felt weak and out of balance.

The muscle activation sessions were new to me and while intrigued in the beginning, I would not have continued through with them had I felt as though they were not working. I truly believe and feel today that I am not overcompensating as much in certain areas for past injuries. My body seems more in balance to me which I notice in movements as simple as walking. I have not reached fruition with my nutrition goals and will readily admit that this is the toughest goal for me to achieve. Having said that, I have made progress and continue to address what needs to be done. Oddly enough, it is the goal with more mental aspect that presents the most difficult challenge. I would be remiss in not mentioning the training program the two of you have devised and that Kari has professionally implemented. My sessions are comprised of variety, creativity and purpose. I am amazed at times with some of the new activities presented. There are days when I come in to train that I am either tired or distracted with other concerns, yet, I leave feeling much better most of the time.

New fitness centers crop up all the time in the city. However, I continue to enjoy the intimacy and the professionalism that Columbus Fitness Consultants offers. I am proof that what you folks have to offer and what you do really works. As the year comes to a close, all I can say is what a difference six months has made. Work responsibilities have kept me away for most of November, but, I do plan to purchase additional training sessions after the first of the year and will be in on December 9th for my scheduled activation session.

Enjoy the holidays and thank you both again.

Geraldine McManamon

About two years ago I started having trouble with my ankle. I would be walking along, and all of a sudden it would feel as if it was going to go out on me, causing me to fall. This went on for months. I went for X-Rays and there was no injury to my ankle. So my doctor recommended I see a physical therapist. I spent an entire summer going through therapy, only to be dropped because they said I was not compliant. (They wanted me to lie down flat on my stomach once every hour for 10 minutes, not possible for a working person to follow through with.) I still continued to have trouble walking and returned to my Dr., who recommended Jerry Greenspan. She felt I needed to try something different.

I went for an evaluation and muscle activation therapy session. Jerry was able to pinpoint the problem in my first visit – a torqued pelvis. I noticed an improvement immediately. And have had very few problems since then. Of course, I needed to start working out to strengthen my muscles, and began to workout with Erin. She really helped me to become stronger and less lazy!

Patsy Deerhake, M. Ed.

When I was feeling frustrated and out of options, I reached out to Columbus Fitness Consultants and they offered a solution. As a result, I would recommend their services without reservation.

As a health and wellness coach, I was vaguely aware of Columbus Fitness Consultants. However, as a new business owner watching my expenses, I purchased an elliptical machine last year from a local resale shop. The equipment was new and had a very limited warranty. It broke after only two months. I ordered replacement parts and waited three months for them to be shipped from China. Neither my husband nor son could handle the repair. When I contacted the resale shop to request service (and was very willing to pay for it), an appointment was scheduled and the company representative failed to show or call.

In desperation, I went to Columbus Fitness Consultants website and sent an email. Jerry quickly responded and offered the repair even though the elliptical machine was obviously inferior quality and not a brand offered by their company. Their friendly, conscientious service person completed a difficult repair and told me to call him any time there are further difficulties. The next week I stopped by and thanked Jerry in person. From the welcome I received and a tour of the business, it was obvious that this business is based on expertise and integrity. I was invited back to meet key staff members and discuss ways we could work together. It impresses me that this business is based upon science, education and service, not fitness fads. I recently featured Columbus Fitness Consultants in my monthly newsletter. I make referrals to them because I know that everyone who has contact with this company is treated well and will be pleased with the products and service they receive.

Thanks so much to Jerry, Hiatham and Margaret for your commitment to professional fitness services!

Kim Toussant

My favorite day of the week is Monday because that’s when I go to my weekly training session at Columbus Fitness Consultants. I started at CFC almost three years ago with the goal of preventing bone loss. There is widespread osteoporosis in my family and my recent bone density test showed a concerning trend. Although a runner all of my life, I had never before worked out with weights or resistance training.

CFC did a complete physical assessment of my strengths and weaknesses and developed my personalized workout plan. My personal trainer directs each session, sets up the equipment, demonstrates and instructs me on each exercise, provides new and challenging workouts, and offers unlimited words of encouragement. I provide the sweat!

CFC is a values based, customer-service oriented, professional business. My workout sessions are a precious gift I give to myself, an investment in my physical and mental health. Thanks, CFC, and my trainer, Kari, for helping to make that happen. Kim Toussant

Jim Barranco

I previously tried memberships at the “Y”, a local rec center and even a half-hearted attempt on my own to get healthy and lose weight. But without easy accessibility to the proper equipment and support, I wasn’t successful. My research led me to the Columbus Fitness Consultants site on line. I discovered the equipment isn’t the cheapest, but neither is the quality! I wanted something that would be sturdy enough for the entire family and be similar to what is used at a club or recreation center.

CFC met all my requirements. The good customer service along with a solid warranty were bonuses. I soon discovered that CFC is much more than a sports equipment business.  They offer personalized training, various types of physical therapy, and nutrition advice and support. The fact that my entire family regularly uses the equipment and we have all lost weight has confirmed that I made the right choice in choosing to do business with CFC!

Allison Varda

My journey with my hip issues began about 4 years ago when I began experiencing knee pain during my routine runs. After initially visiting my primary physician for knee pain during my workouts, I was referred to the first of many physical therapy appointments to determine what was wrong and how to resume my running routine. It was quickly determined my knee pain was referred from my hips and after unsuccessful PT appointments and unsuccessful hip injections, 1 was sent to a surgeon to discuss surgical options. I was subsequently diagnosed with hip dysplasia and hip impingement and scheduled a hip scope surgery just 5 days after I completed the Bar Exam (what a way to celebrate). The hip surgery went well at first but within 6 months the pain had returned and by 1 year after my first surgery, I was scheduling my second hip surgery a hip PAO which would entail my hip be broken and put back together with screws. The second surgery hit me hard and while PT appeared to be going well, I never fully “bounced back”. I had my third and final surgery less than a year after the second and within 6 months knew it had not provided the relief I had hoped for and PT had determined there was nothing more they could do for the pain. My hip pain was never debilitating in the sense I could not get out of bed in the morning but the constant and severe pain prevented me from working out, from getting through a whole work day without experiencing severe pain, and most importantly from having a day where I didn’t have to worry or be distracted by my hip issues. At the age of 26 1 knew that I did not want my hip pain to control my life but I also could not wrap my head around a 4th surgery and luckily this is when I found CFC. My new primary physician recommended CFC as an alternative to traditional PT and to avoid a surgery. I was hesitant at first but I was willing to try anything and I am SO glad I did. Since starting MAT, FSM, and now training, I feel like a new person. I am able to go day to day and even week to week with minimal pain. I have returned to a workout plan which I absolutely love and the training has been a great way to improve my strength without pain. I am able to do daily tasks such as grocery shopping and laundry, tasks that before I was unable to do without suffering the consequence of pain that would carry on for days. A month ago I was even able to go hiking in Hocking Hills, something I would not have been able to dream about doing a year ago. I am most excited for my honeymoon next year which is two weeks in the Mediterranean a trip I was previously hesitant to book because I was afraid my hips could not withstand all the walking. I still have days with discomfort and I know my limitations (no running 5 miles/day), but my life has improved 100% since coming to CFC and beginning MAT, FSM and training. Initially it was hard for me to believe that MAT could “fix” me when nothing else had worked, but I was at my breaking point and was willing to try anything. The improvement was not instant and it took time, but it was worth it. The one piece of advice I would give to anyone contemplating coming to CFC is to be patient. I am where I am today because I was patient with the process and gave it time to work and start making a difference in my life. I will be forever thankful to CFC and especially Andrew and Jonathan for all they have done and continue to do to minimize my pain and give me the opportunity to have my life back.


Andrea Cullinan

I worked at Sugardaddy’s brownie bakery at Polaris that was located right next to CFC at Polaris (ironic, a gym next to a bakery!). Justin and Sarah stopped in one day and we got to talking about what they do at CFC. I had always wanted to learn about weight training/lifting, but never knew how to get started. They made me feel so comfortable and told me about the starter “6-pack” where I could try 6 sessions to see if I liked it. I have been going 1-2 times a week since 2013!

I would say I chose CFC primarily because of how warm, friendly and welcoming the staff is! Scott was so helpful when I stopped in for the first time to sign up for my first 6 sessions. I was initially a bit nervous about starting because I was self-conscious about my body and my lack of “athieticism.” I never once felt judged or uncomfortable at CFC
only encouraged! The staff and my trainer Justin have always been consistent with making me feel confident and valued, and they all work on such a professional level. I really appreciate the individualized attention you receive at CFC.

CFC has made a huge difference in my life both mentally and physically! I truly feel that I have come such a long way in terms of strength and fitness since starting with CFC over 3 years ago. Not only am I more confident and physically more fit and healthy, I feel that I have such a better mentality and outlook on life. I definitely can feel a difference in my mood since starting training training with Justin is an instant stress relief and energy boost. I always feel lOx better after leaving!

I have lived a much healthier lifestyle since starting training. Training at CFC holds me accountable for working out on my own and eating balanced meals. I went from working out maybe a couple times a month to lifting and running 3-5 times a week. It has now become a hobby and something I really enjoy, rather than something I have to “force” myself to do.

Since joining CFC I have ran multiple 5K’s, 1OK’s, 15K’s and two half
marathons! I have also tried many different fitness classes that I don’t think I
would have had the confidence to try before. I would say to not hold back!
Don’t miss out on what could be a great opportunity because you are hesitant
to get started or because you think you will fail. It will be worth it to take a
chance! 🙂


Becca Fox-Gieg

Becca Fox-Gieg has been a part of the Columbus Fitness Consultants for just under a year. She came to CFC in the summer of 2015 having dealt with severe neck pain and headaches since 2003. During this time period, Becca struggled with unrelenting pain, making it difficult for her to successfully maintain a fitness regimen on her own. After a number of attempts at rehabilitative treatment and pain management failed to provide persistent
relief, she decided to come to CFC to test non traditional rehabilitative methods. Becca now utilizes Muscle Activation Technique and Frequency Specific Microcurrent, with the combination of these treatments providing
a significant and maintained reduction of her symptoms. Additionally, Becca trains twice per week and is ecstatic to have a regular resistance training and cardio regimen that does not exacerbate her neck pain. Becca is proud to admit that she has found a place that could truly connect with her and help daily activities be enjoyable again.



Kari Linn

I found CFC at a wedding show six months before my wedding. I had tried every other way I knew to lose weight, and had failed horribly I did not want to spend the money on a personal trainer. I went to the gym twice a week, where I would watch other people lifting and mimic what they did. I ran at the local park. All I accomplished was a swollen knee and no weight loss. I even tried diet pills. I decided that having a personal trainer was the only thing I had not tried. Jerry offered me the $99 6-Pack, and I scheduled a meeting with Jerry for a physical & nutritional evaluation. I remember being 5 months out from my wedding discussing the nutrition program, and Jerry asked, “How much do you want to lose before your wedding?’ My response was “Well, at least 5 pounds.” The following discussion and information I got helped motivate me to get started losing weight. I began working out with a personal trainer twice a week and did cardio as often as I was able. Every week I lost a pound or two. I lost 26 pounds before my wedding day, and had to have my dress altered three times! I had such great success I kept it up, and lost a total of 36 pounds in 7 months. The nutrition really becomes a life style, and the longer I followed the plan, the easier it became. I was happy with my weight and started focusing on progressing my strength training and running, including working in a small group toward running a 5k. After running one 5k, I needed more! I really wanted to shoot for the Cap City 10K, so I increased my training frequency and distance. I ended up over doing it and strained a muscle in my back. I went to urgent care and they provided muscle relaxers, and a treatment paper, but nothing got any better and I had to have someone else drive me to CFC because I could not move with out horrible pain. Jerry helped with immediate pain relief, and I continued with Muscle Activation, which helped immensely. I continued on and off with treatments and training, but in the meantime had an unfortunate event that caused me an unwanted hiatus, and during that time I gained most if not all the weight back. Once I was able to return to exercise, I still had some back issues, and my doctor recommended an MRI. However, I had to follow all the steps with health insurance, so I needed an x-ray and physical therapy at a local rehabilitation facility before they would pay for an MRI, which confirmed that I did indeed have a herniated disk in my lower back. I had several consultations with a surgeon, who recommended surgical intervention. I did NOT want surgery, SO I immediately contacted CFC and started back with MAT and nutrition. After a month or so, my backfelt great, and when I followed up with the surgeon he agreed that surgery was not necessary, which I am so thankful for.
I am happy to say that I’m able to use the elliptical, walk long distances, and live my everyday life without constant pain. CFC has been such a great source of motivation, and knowledge. They provided a clear, safe plan of action, something I had never received from anyone
not my doctor, my past coaches, or even previous gyms I joined. My health and quality of life is very important to me, so I try to invest my time and money accordingly. This is the most direct, financially efficient investment I have made for my health and my wellb eing. CFC has paid off, and has helped me achieve so much. I know that with their help, I will continue to reach the goals I set for myself.


Sandy Decrane

I have been coming to Columbus Fitness Consultants for a little over a year. When I first came, the last of our three sons was on the verge of graduating from college. I was anticipating the relief of our financial responsibilities and felt more able to do some of the things I had wanted to do (like for the last 25 years!). I decided to seriously start taking care of myself. I had always tried to eat (sort of) reasonably and exercised by walking and swimming, but knew I should be doing some weight training especially at my age. I was experiencing some aches and pains that often accompany your mid-SO’s and had had knee surgery for a torn meniscus a year prior. The surgery really didn’t help my knee pain at all. I did do physical therapy before and after surgery with no real benefit. I had heard of Columbus Fitness Consultants through a friend and decided to give it a try. I signed up for the nutrition plan and to work with a trainer. I have also had ong oing MAT therapy and some laser treatments. After a year of being at CFC, I feel so much better and stronger. My knee pain has improved greatly due to the therapy and training and I have lost 25 pounds. I like that they focus on your whole body not just one area when training. I just didn’t quite realize how out of shape I was before starting. My goal is to give myself the best chance to age gracefully and be active as long as possible. I feel very young at heart and I just want my physical abilities to match my enthusiasm in life hopefully for many years to come. I have been very pleased with my trainers and experience at Columbus Fitness Consultants.


Stacey Seibert

Stacey Seibert has been a part of the CFC community for just under three years. She came to us in spring of 2013 as a result of knee injuries that lingered. Her multiple injuries occurred overtime with the most devastating in 1995, a dislocated patella. She was practicing a dance routine for a pageant and faster than she could react, was taken down by the acute injury. In 2001 the second patella dislocation occurred; and as a result of dancing to celebrate wedding of a friend in 2012, she fell stricken with the same injury for the third time. After the last accident Stacey did a long bout of physical therapy with no surgeries. She was forced with the task of getting strength back in her leg after two previous knee injuries and an understanding that this task would be her most difficult rehab yet. With a seemingly insurmountable goal Stacey has spent many hours with the staff here at CFC; she started with MAT, Laser therapy and then began strength training to get back on her feet and feel confident in her dance. She has stayed committed to her therapy at CFC, has seen great progress and even attends dance classes for her cardio workouts. We are very proud to have Stacey as part of the community and look to find her continuing success so she can live pain free, and dance without ever holding back again.



Stephanie Jerrell

About two years ago, Cenell, one of CFC’s highest level trainers, came into Stephanie’s spa to get her nails done. After chit chatting about how hard it had been to lose or even control her weight over the last several years. Stephanie felt she could trust Cenell’s input. Stephanie had dealt with knee pain since childhood, and since no doctor could ever figure out what started the pain, treatments were all over the place and gave very little relief. She started MAT and training with Cenell at a weight of 1851bs; today, she train’s with Matt and still frequently does MAT with Cenell. Her current weight is l5Olbs. When asked what she thinks about her training, Stephanie said “my training with CFC has been exact and the results permanent. What I love about the way they train is targeting specific muscles and muscle groups but avoiding ‘leg day’ or ‘arm day.’ I get just sore enough, and now I can go on tons of walks and hikes without pain! I am incredibly excited to show off my healthy new look at my wedding in March next year, although at this rate, I’ll need a smaller dress again! To anyone unsure about getting training with Columbus Fitness Consultants, you and your health are well worth the investment.”

Dress Size

Dress Size



Tom Lemberger Ph.D. has been teaching and conducting research for The Ohio State University department of physics since 1993. Tom, a father of two and the head of the Lemberger Superconductivity Laboratory, Tom has always been busy. Somehow, he was still able to find time to maintain his cardiovascular fitness as an avid, well-traveled marathon runner, but never considered himself to be much of an athlete. That all changed at the tender age of 59 when he found his passion for ice hockey. His wife and fellow CFC success story, Ellen, eventually convinced Tom to join the CFC community where he now receives MAT and strength training twice a week. Tom has increased his muscle strength and endurance tremendously over the past two months and has been receiving compliments from his peers about his speed and energy on the ice. You can find Tom playing competitive hockey against those half his age at least 2x every week, and he has no plans of slowing down. With his passion and work ethic, we hope to keep Tom playing injury-free hockey for years to come.