One on One Fitness Training

Standing Out Above the Rest

Columbus Fitness Consultants is a medically based company that offers:

  • The ability to vanquish your annoying aches, pains and old injuries having your exercise program custom-designed by our Licensed Physical Therapist who is also trained in Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT).
  • The ability to lose weight safely, painlessly, and permanently with our trademarked nutrition program. You’ll learn how to eat all your favorite foods in the right form and right combination. All meals are less than a 10 minute prep and we teach you what to do when you eat out. Our director of nutrition, Rob Wildman, Ph.D., RD, LD, has been the director of nutrition for GNC and Ballys.
  • Exercise programs that get you Looking and Feeling GREAT fast! Our trainers learn how to perform all the exercises with the perfect technique and body position, having been tutored by our nationally acclaimed expert in the mechanics of human movement and performance enhancement.
  • The ability to get you in the right frame of mind to lose weight and attain your fitness goals. Chris Stankovich, a psychologist, can teach you the mental strategies to overcome the roadblocks preventing you from attaining your goals in fitness and life.

So regardless if your goal is to lose weight and become tone or further rehabilitate an old injury, our qualified staff is able to meet ALL individuals’ needs!

What does it take to be a personal trainer?

A college degree, certification, an internship? The answer is none! It’s hard to fathom that while an optometrist or pharmacist has to complete 8 years of education and a physician 11+ years of higher education with internships that a trainer with little or no formal education or internship can guide you on your fitness and nutrition programs. Unfortunately, there are neither state guidelines or state regulations nor state/national board exams to verify the trainer has the knowledge and skill.

Furthermore, it’s hard to believe since a nail technician and a hair stylist have to be licensed by the state to treat your hair or nails. It is because of this lack of regulation, that there are so many horror stories of people being injured by personal trainers. It is truly a “Buyer Beware” industry.

There are literally hundreds of different personal trainer certification programs out there to certify people to become personal trainers, however most of these institutions are not interested in producing competent trainers, their main objective is generate a profit and therefore will certify almost anyone.

Trainer Background and Expertise

So how do you know that you can trust Columbus Fitness Consultants to work with your body and your fitness needs?

All of our trainers have their degree in Exercise Science, and our part-time trainers are continuing their education as graduate students in The Ohio State Physical Therapy program. Our trainers also complete an 11 week internship with the company’s owner, Jerry Greenspan in order to educate them on:

  • Anatomy
  • Kinesiology, i.e. the study of human movement
  • Mechanics of strength training
  • Proper form of over 30 different exercises and all their variations
  • Exercise progression of client having musculoskeletal issues
  • Completion of 15 hours of observation of premier level trainers
  • Oral and written exams on the aforementioned information

Columbus Fitness Consultants has 3 levels of trainers: Junior, Senior and Premier. Each has a degree in Exercise Science and has completed the 11 week internship. The difference in levels is simply experience. A Junior level is typically entry level where as a Senior level consultant has been training for us a little over a year. Our Premier consultants have two or more years experience training with us.

Based on your fitness needs we can help you match up with the right trainer!