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At Columbus Fitness Consultants, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of therapeutic technologies and practices. As we try to set the standard for advanced rehabilitation in our industry, we continually outpace the insurance industry’s desire for practitioners to maintain one-size-fits-all treatment methods that keeps them comfortable in their industry.

For this reason, our advanced therapeutic services are not usually reimbursable through insurance policies. However, Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) do accept our treatments and are routinely used by our clients.

This will depend on what services are most indicated for your body and for your personal goals. Our extensive initial evaluation allows us to have an open and honest conversation to discuss your needs and desires and to find a plan that works best for you.

We are confident that if you value your body enough to come see us, then you will find that we value you enough to listen to your desires for your personalized wellness plan.

The answer to this question comes from two different areas of consideration:

  1. The first is you! How long it has been since the original injury occurred; what your overall health looks like; your physical shape before and during the injury period; your age; how much rest we can achieve during your treatment period; even your athleticism and genes will all dictate your speed of healing.
  2. The second area we consider is our own clinical judgement after years of solving complex physical problems. We try our best to apply our experiences with clients of similar physical history and mechanisms for injury to give you our best judgement. But after seeing clients from three different countries and many surrounding states, we know this answer can be complex!

We know that we will be able to give you a much better idea of your healing timeline after our 90-minute orthopedic evaluation. There are simply too many factors to consider without taking an extensive look at your body to determine a length of time.

We understand that this has been the precedent set by the physical medicine industry and it is a hard one to change. But, rather than handing you a printout of exercises, we believe in giving you hands-on treatment with orthopedic experts for results that can’t be achieved with a rubber-band in your own home.

Over time, your hands-on, therapeutic treatment frequency will decrease, and a solid exercise program will reinforce all the positive adaptations we created during our sessions to keep you feeling great!

We love our exercise clients! Our team of exercise physiologists have unmatched knowledge in their fields within the industry and love keeping their clients healthy and working toward their fitness goals.

Our clinical team will still perform a 90-minute orthopedic evaluation prior to starting an exercise plan. This allows our clinicians and exercise physiologists to combine their specialties to create an individualized exercise experience unmatched by any other.

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