Success Stories of Athletic Pursuits

The testimonials below represent some of our clients who sought treatment from Columbus Fitness Consultants for their athletic pursuits.

Let Columbus Fitness Consultants help you attain your health and fitness goals!

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Cole K.

“I am a senior in high school and the injury that brought me here occurred right before my freshman year. I first started going to Columbus Fitness Consultants in June of 2021 due to a severe back injury that had me in a constant pain. The first day I came to CFC, I spent 20 minutes cleaning my room and was in so much pain from just bending down that it hurt to walk. The treatment results were almost immediate to reduce some of the pain.

After spending two years doing different types of treatments without relief (whether shots or traditional physical therapies), we finally found something that made the pain go down. I had spent 2 and half years being out of all sports due to my injury, but after 6 months working on my back I started lifting at CFC and conditioning for football. The services provided not just by Andrew, but nearly the entire staff, started me on a 100-pound weight loss journey and a life with little to no pain on a daily basis.

This past football season not only was I finally cleared to play but I was named captain of the team. I was in the top 3 for most lifts on the team, I took a starting spot on the offensive line, and was recently blessed with the opportunity to play football at a college level for Ashland University. I also got to play baseball for two years and wrestled my senior year as well. All things I was told would never be possible due to the injury I sustained. The amount of time that the CFC staff put into me drove me to put the time into myself as well and it has paid off in so many great ways.

They have helped me work out other light injuries I have sustained along the way in such a short time, and with so much success, that injuries no longer make me feel like I’m done for. I now feel that there is a solution. I recommend CFC to everyone that is in any pain or discomfort for prolonged periods of time because the results speak for themselves!”

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Jim D.

“Since coming to CFC on a regular basis, I feel that my overall physical health has improved. As an avid cyclist who covers over 3000 miles a year, I was able to increase my average speed by about 1mph. Once Andrew performed MAT on me, he was then able to create a workout regime for Jake and I to concentrate on. This tag team approach enabled us to concentrate on the weaker areas of my body allowing me to maximize my physical potential.

I started coming to CFC over a year ago primarily to look for equipment to buy for in-home use because of fitness center closings caused by the pandemic. The staff recommended a fitness evaluation prior to suggesting equipment options and it was then that I realized the benefits from working with a trainer on a consistent basis.

I work out with my trainer once a week at CFC. Then I take what I’ve been working on to my own gym 3 additional days before returning for the next session.

MAT helped to pinpoint weaknesses in certain muscles that had gotten weaker with age. The treatments helped to activate those muscles and create more muscle stability thus allowing me to enjoy day to day functions without pain. Personal Training has improved my overall health and made me feel stronger. The workouts have pushed me beyond my usual limits and I look forward to the sessions every week.”

Sheldon Yoder

Sheldon Y.

"Joining CFC has been a great experience for me. I do a lot of biking and swimming, and this fall I developed an injured shoulder. Sarah did an evaluation to determine what the problem was, Jake has been doing weekly M.A.T work, and Kyle has been working with me twice a week on personalized workouts to strengthen my shoulder. Kyle has been very energetic, encouraging, and challenging in the workouts to get me back to full strength.

I had some aggressive goals to achieve in 2021 and they were able to get me back to full strength so I could still accomplish my goals! Everyone I have worked with at CFC has been friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend CFC!"

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