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Making the choice to become active is always better than staying sedentary but beginning a new fitness program also comes with the risk of injuring yourself before you start to see results. That’s why Columbus Fitness Consultants takes the time to provide every new client with a 90-minute medical evaluation at the start of our program.

While any gym can offer a consultation, at CFC our medical professionals conduct a full-body physical, evaluating joints, discs, soft tissue, and nerves to understand your medical history and offer a science-based exercise and nutrition plan. We understand how any prescribed exercise will interact with the unique features of your orthopedic system, and we use that knowledge to provide one-on-one fitness training, customized to your body and your goals.

Our team is made up of experts with advanced degrees in Exercise Science and hours of training in the equations of human movement. We also have experts in sport-specific training to help competitive athletes reach the top of their game, or weekend warriors make the most of their time without succumbing to common injuries.

When weight loss is a goal, our nutritional consulting services work synergistically with your customized exercise plan, ensuring that you make strides towards whole-body wellness with our science-based approach backing you every step of the way.

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