Success Stories of Improved Health

The testimonials below represent some of our clients who sought treatment from Columbus Fitness Consultants to improve their overall health.

Let Columbus Fitness Consultants help you attain your health and fitness goals!


Gwynn B.

“My name is Gwynn Behrent and I want to share my experience with Columbus Fitness Consultants.

Shoulder pain is something I have suffered with for about 2 years. I found sleeping to be a struggle and daily tasks such as brushing my hair and putting on sheets became unmanageable. I knew I had to find a way to get help and hopefully some relief. With my daughter’s encouragement I was able to connect with physical therapist Caitlin Cotterill at CFC.

I started working with Caitlin this fall. We met a couple times a week to help increase my range of motion. When struggles become an everyday condition, it is easy to give into the pain and become depressed. Caitlin’s positive attitude and encouragement made all the difference in the world.

I am pleased to share my painful nights are very few and far between. The range of motion in my shoulders has improved so much that those difficult daily activities no longer exist. In fact with Caitlin’s help I have gone from weekly physical therapy sessions to weekly strength training. Couldn’t have done it without her. Thanks Caitlin!!!:)”

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Allison M.

"My journey of pain has been long. For most of my young life, I’ve lived in chronic, debilitating pain. A string of concussions and other factors likely contributed, but no one could figure out how to “fix” me. After an endless list of doctors, time spend at Diamond Headache Clinic, drugs, chiropractors, and even traditional physical therapy, I was worse off than before. In constant, unending chronic pain, I was open new options.

I started coming to Columbus Fitness Consultants in 2014. I started seeing Jerry about three times a week for treatment and have been consistently coming ever since. The MAT was successful and then I was introduced to FSM. It was a game changer! Little by little, improvement was coming. After Jerry stabilized me enough, I started working out with Jonathan. As my health began to improve, like an onion, other layers of unhealth were uncovered. So, in addition to treatments, I went through the nutrition program and then even took the Nutrigenomix to continue to dive into my digestion. It really became a way of life for me. Eating to decrease inflammation, getting treatment to fix the problem, and running FSM to offer pain relief.

I recognize that health is not an overnight success, but a life-long journey. One that is worth the pursuit. By coming to CFC, I live in much less pain than I did. And now I feel like I have the tools to help when I do flare up. My FSM unit has been invaluable on this journey. And I am grateful that I have been able to continue treatments with Jonathan on a regular basis, in addition to continuing a consistent work-out schedule.

Meeting Jerry truly changed my life. He opened my eyes to a paradigm shift in my health. The knowledge that he and his team have of human biomechanics and engineering offer a dynamic approach to treatment that couldn’t even be considered by other health practices. There is really no one else like CFC and I’m just so grateful they have been able to help me."

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Ramona K.

"I came to CFC after my current therapies were not improving my symptoms. I'm really glad I did. MAT and strength training have made a positive impact. It feels awesome to not be in pain. Better yet, I'm getting stronger with increased range and rotation. Something I did not have before. I can't say enough about the CFC Staff, they are professional and very knowledgeable."

Mike Sayre_cropped

Mike S.

"In December 2019 at age 63, I was 60+ pounds overweight, inactive, working from home, and could barely walk the dog around the block because of severe hip pain (arthritis and a torn muscle).

At Christmas that year, I decided I had enough of that lifestyle and pain, started on the weight loss app Noom and made an appointment with the OSU sports program to get my hip fixed and begin rehab.

By mid-2020, I had lost my age in weight (my goal) and had set my next goal…to walk over 125 miles on the Camino de Santiago in Spain in the fall of 2021 (remember, I could barely get around the block!). The challenge was, that even though I had lost the weight and fixed the torn muscle, I could not get rid of the arthritis in both hips and what I thought was sciatica in my lower back, so that I could walk more than a couple of miles on a couple of days of the week with the amount of pain I was still feeling. Well, I needed to be able to walk 10-15 miles per day for 11 days to meet my schedule for walking the Camino and I would not be able to enjoy it in that much pain.

In early 2021, I was getting advice on walking the Camino from global hiker and friend, Trish Cadwallader (another CFC client). When I told her about my hips and back challenges, she told me about CFC and introduced me to Andrew Fawcett. I scheduled an evaluation with Andrew and he was confident in CFC’s ability to help me and my ability to meet my Camino walking goal in a lot less pain! Andrew (and his staff) is extremely well-versed in physiology, physical therapy, MAT (muscle activation technique), exercise and several other therapies (laser, pulse, etc.), and was able to explain to me exactly how a combination of many of those therapies may help me meet my Camino goal with minimal, if any, pain. I bought in.

The combination of Andrew’s therapies, exercise recommendations, and Katie Watkins’ exercise expertise and training, started producing small results within a couple of weeks…enough that gave me the same confidence that Andrew had that they could help me achieve my Camino goals and dream.

Over the months that followed, I was able to build up to 10-13 mile walks several days per week, with no pain in my hips or back (they were related). I couldn’t believe the difference!

In October of 2021, I completed my Camino de Santiago walk and literally had the time of my life! Northern Spain is so beautiful! An unbelievable experience I would recommend anyone check out, even if they currently have some physical challenges and pain they think would keep them from doing it. I highly recommend the work of Columbus Fitness Consultants, Andrew, Katie and the whole team, several of whom helped me achieve my goal pain-free!"

Lindy McLean

Lindy M.

"About 4 years ago, I sought help from CFC for a problem I was having with walking. Prior to this I was walking 5-7 miles, 5 days a week and suddenly I had pain that kept me from walking 2 miles. My physical therapist started me on Muscle Activation Therapy and FSM as well as an exercise program designed for me. It seemed to help until it didn’t. We tried everything from the Dolphin to laser and finally, while doing MAT, she found a suspicious area in my upper thigh right where my pelvic bone was.

I had gone to several orthopedic doctors prior to this, and they just kept saying it was arthritis and to keep exercising. The x-rays didn’t pick up the malignant carcinoma that had been growing in my leg and muscle for over a year. If my PT hadn’t found the mass, it might have gone to Stage 4 as the cancer was very aggressive. I went through a year of the strongest chemo and radiation, which finally led to a 5 ½ hour surgery to have the grapefruit size tumor removed and reconstruction of the area left by the removal at the height of the pandemic. I truly believe my recovery would have taken much longer based on the surgery they did that affected my muscles if I hadn’t been going to CFC before and during the last part of my treatment. I went into treatment stronger than most and amazed the doctors with my quick progress.

A year after the cancer surgery (April 2021), I found out the radiation had exacerbated the arthritis in my hip. I was looking at a hip replacement to be done on June 15th. The surgery was complicated as they had to put a longer rod in my femur to protect it from breaking in the future. I was in the hospital for 3 days and started in-home physical therapy on July 1st. Again, because I had been training at CFC the whole year before and up until the surgery, I again amazed my in-home PT with my progress and was discharged from PT in 3 weeks instead of 6. I will be going back to CFC in a week to continue to get stronger. If this doesn’t convince you that consistent exercise and MAT work, then I don’t know what will. CFC has been a godsend for me."

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