Fitness Metrics

Keep track of your fitness journey progress.

Our comprehensive Fitness Metrics program is designed to help you make and keep track of your goals in your fitness journey.


Our Fitness Metrics Include:

  • VO2 Max & Life Expectancy

    • One of the greatest measures of health span and life expectancy. Just getting started could improve your mortality rate by around 50%.

    • Provides a great estimation of your overall fitness level

    • It is important to understand that cardio-respiratory fitness is not associated with looks but rather the condition of your heart

    • Will enhance your ability to track improvements in your heart and blood vessels over time

  • Skinfold and Circumference Testing

    • Provides a close estimation of your percentage of body fat to help you better understand your level of health

    • More precision when trying to track progress during your health and fitness journey

    • Understanding this could help to avoid medical conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer

    • Includes an 8-week follow-up.

  • Muscular Strength & Endurance Testing

    • Evaluates where your musculoskeletal health stands based on national averages

    • Gives you a place to start and motivates you along your health and fitness journey to help you stay on track

    • Provides a set of data specific to you that you can proudly look back on as you enhance your ability to manage activities of daily living

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