Success Stories

We are honored that so many have trusted Columbus Fitness Consultants to help them improve their quality of life through a customized program.

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Cole K.

“I am a senior in high school and the injury that brought me here occurred right before my freshman year. I first started going to Columbus Fitness Consultants in June of 2021 due to a severe back injury that had me in a constant pain. The first day I came to CFC, I spent 20 minutes cleaning my room and was in so much pain from just bending down that it hurt to walk. The treatment results were almost immediate to reduce some of the pain.

After spending two years doing different types of treatments without relief (whether shots or traditional physical therapies), we finally found something that made the pain go down. I had spent 2 and half years being out of all sports due to my injury, but after 6 months working on my back I started lifting at CFC and conditioning for football. The services provided not just by Andrew, but nearly the entire staff, started me on a 100-pound weight loss journey and a life with little to no pain on a daily basis.

This past football season not only was I finally cleared to play but I was named captain of the team. I was in the top 3 for most lifts on the team, I took a starting spot on the offensive line, and was recently blessed with the opportunity to play football at a college level for Ashland University. I also got to play baseball for two years and wrestled my senior year as well. All things I was told would never be possible due to the injury I sustained. The amount of time that the CFC staff put into me drove me to put the time into myself as well and it has paid off in so many great ways.

They have helped me work out other light injuries I have sustained along the way in such a short time, and with so much success, that injuries no longer make me feel like I’m done for. I now feel that there is a solution. I recommend CFC to everyone that is in any pain or discomfort for prolonged periods of time because the results speak for themselves!”


Jim D.

“Since coming to CFC on a regular basis, I feel that my overall physical health has improved. As an avid cyclist who covers over 3000 miles a year, I was able to increase my average speed by about 1mph. Once Andrew performed MAT on me, he was then able to create a workout regime for Jake and I to concentrate on. This tag team approach enabled us to concentrate on the weaker areas of my body allowing me to maximize my physical potential.

I started coming to CFC over a year ago primarily to look for equipment to buy for in-home use because of fitness center closings caused by the pandemic. The staff recommended a fitness evaluation prior to suggesting equipment options and it was then that I realized the benefits from working with a trainer on a consistent basis.

I work out with my trainer once a week at CFC. Then I take what I’ve been working on to my own gym 3 additional days before returning for the next session.

MAT helped to pinpoint weaknesses in certain muscles that had gotten weaker with age. The treatments helped to activate those muscles and create more muscle stability thus allowing me to enjoy day to day functions without pain. Personal Training has improved my overall health and made me feel stronger. The workouts have pushed me beyond my usual limits and I look forward to the sessions every week.”

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Gary A.

"I am now 65 years old and had developed such severe shoulder pain in my shoulders that I had trouble sleeping and putting on a jacket. I traveled a lot and putting suitcases in an overhead bin was very hard. I was diagnosed with labrum tears as well as near full length tendon tears of my shoulders. I traveled to Colorado and had stem cell treatments. Physical therapy was prescribed and since my wife who had a very bad knee and children had gotten such great results at CFC I decided to utilize CFC, specifically Andrew for my therapy. Andrew has individualized my therapy and workouts, and I am now in great shape. I still am receiving laser to my left shoulder but the right is normal. Andrew has also focused on my balance since I have a hereditary middle ear issue and flexibility to prevent injury. I have to say, as a physician, I am very pleased with the science Andrew utilizes as well as his personal touch. CFC has done a great job for my entire family."

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Karen M.

If you are experiencing any type of back pain or back stiffness, you need to contact the folks at Columbus Fitness Consultants. They helped me solve my back pain, without the use of drugs or surgical procedures.

Initially, I tried all of the traditional processes. I contacted my doctor, who prescribed Aleve for 30 days, followed by a prescription for muscle relaxers. The muscle relaxers just make me sleepy. I tried both heat and ice-pack solutions. I worked with my massage therapist to see if she could work it out.  I googled stretching solutions as well. 

Eventually, I contacted Andrew at Columbus Fitness Consultants. I saw an 80% improvement after the first visit.  I had additional sessions with Jake. They worked different muscles in the body to address the pain. I can tell you that as of today, the lower back pain is gone. They will be my first point of contact, should I ever experience any other type of pain. A couple of years ago, they treated my husband’s back pain, as well. So, it is safe to say that as of today, we are both loyal customers of Columbus Fitness.

Roza S.

Roza S.

“I am grateful for the expertise and care given by my Columbus Fitness Consultants team. Due to my occupation, I had started to develop neck and back pain. I needed a solution besides OTC medications and wanted to improve my overall well-being. I had my initial consultation in June 2021 with Sarah Wilson, who helped customize my recovery plan. She recommended Muscle Activation Therapy and partnered me with Caleb Reed to aid in my strength training.

Sarah has helped educate me on the cause of my issues and helped eliminate my chronic pain and improved my overall posture with MAT. She is intelligent, kind, and I look forward to my sessions.

In order to maintain my results from MAT, Caleb has been wonderful to work with. I train with him twice a week and have developed overall strength, muscle tone, and endurance. He is very knowledgeable about physiology and encourages me to do my best at every training.

Self-care is an integral part of well-being. I am thankful to Sarah and Caleb for helping me invest in being the best version of myself.”


Gwynn B.

“My name is Gwynn Behrent and I want to share my experience with Columbus Fitness Consultants.

Shoulder pain is something I have suffered with for about 2 years. I found sleeping to be a struggle and daily tasks such as brushing my hair and putting on sheets became unmanageable. I knew I had to find a way to get help and hopefully some relief. With my daughter’s encouragement I was able to connect with physical therapist Caitlin Cotterill at CFC.

I started working with Caitlin this fall. We met a couple times a week to help increase my range of motion. When struggles become an everyday condition, it is easy to give into the pain and become depressed. Caitlin’s positive attitude and encouragement made all the difference in the world.

I am pleased to share my painful nights are very few and far between. The range of motion in my shoulders has improved so much that those difficult daily activities no longer exist. In fact with Caitlin’s help I have gone from weekly physical therapy sessions to weekly strength training. Couldn’t have done it without her. Thanks Caitlin!!!:)”

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Nancy K.

"I started at Columbus Fitness Consultants in 2008 and I’ve been there ever since. It’s the best investment in my health and well-being.

Working out one-on-one with a trainer at CFC provides me with customized sessions that allow me to work to my potential and keep improving. I have become stronger and improved my balance, keeping me active.

Over the years I have worked with multiple trainers at CFC, all excellent. CFC provides continuing education to all their staff so there is consistency in their knowledge which they share with their clients.

Muscle Activation Technique has also been an integral part of my health regimen at CFC. I started MAT to relieve acute shoulder pain, and it worked. I continue with MAT on a maintenance basis and the positive results keep me coming back.

The leadership and staff at CFC set a welcoming, respectful, and fun tone, and their commitment to their clients’ well-being is evident. This is a good place to be."


Randy C.

"My first appointment was on August, 8th, 2020. I called asking about the radial shockwave therapy for my knees. I started with treatment on my knees and then transitioned to workouts and now have moved into the maintenance phase.  I’m pain free and extremely grateful.  I was able to cut grass and take the dog for a walk with my wife without any discomfort last night. I’ve been with Jakub since the beginning. Andrew provided one MAT session early on in my treatment. I have referred my father for his hands, my son for MCL strain and a coworker for chronic heel pain.

My knee pain was debilitating, and I was ready to schedule replacement surgery based on a recommendation from my orthopedists.  Columbus Fitness Consultants was my last-ditch effort before surgery.  I’m happy I made the call.  I’m pain free and haven’t been back to see the orthopedists. The modalities used at CFC: MAT, FSM and Laser have been the most successful.

Jakub is a wonderful practitioner.  I value his expertise and treatment recommendations.  I called Jakub when my son strained his MCL and Jakub was able to see him the next day and provide treatment.  As a result of Jakub’s recommendations and treatment, Sam only missed one football game during his senior year; both Sam and I are grateful.  Sam received an athletic scholarship to play football at Ashland University in the fall so you can imagine the level of trust I have in Jakub and his talents.  I’m thankful to have developed a relationship with Jakub and CFC."


Squire G.

"I first started coming to CFC in June of 2020 and have been coming pretty much consistently ever since. I have worked with several staff members and they have been very considerate and sensitive to my hip pain in the gym. My hip no longer hurts constantly and they have helped me with exercises and activities to improve it. In my experience, all the exercise clubs/franchises don’t give you the individualized attention and care that I receive at Columbus Fitness Consultants. They really care that your health improves and you’re not treated like a number or just another client. It’s almost a holistic process for weight training!!! Like the Bible says, you should treat your body like a temple."

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Allison M.

"My journey of pain has been long. For most of my young life, I’ve lived in chronic, debilitating pain. A string of concussions and other factors likely contributed, but no one could figure out how to “fix” me. After an endless list of doctors, time spend at Diamond Headache Clinic, drugs, chiropractors, and even traditional physical therapy, I was worse off than before. In constant, unending chronic pain, I was open new options.

I started coming to Columbus Fitness Consultants in 2014. I started seeing Jerry about three times a week for treatment and have been consistently coming ever since. The MAT was successful and then I was introduced to FSM. It was a game changer! Little by little, improvement was coming. After Jerry stabilized me enough, I started working out with Jonathan. As my health began to improve, like an onion, other layers of unhealth were uncovered. So, in addition to treatments, I went through the nutrition program and then even took the Nutrigenomix to continue to dive into my digestion. It really became a way of life for me. Eating to decrease inflammation, getting treatment to fix the problem, and running FSM to offer pain relief.

I recognize that health is not an overnight success, but a life-long journey. One that is worth the pursuit. By coming to CFC, I live in much less pain than I did. And now I feel like I have the tools to help when I do flare up. My FSM unit has been invaluable on this journey. And I am grateful that I have been able to continue treatments with Jonathan on a regular basis, in addition to continuing a consistent work-out schedule.

Meeting Jerry truly changed my life. He opened my eyes to a paradigm shift in my health. The knowledge that he and his team have of human biomechanics and engineering offer a dynamic approach to treatment that couldn’t even be considered by other health practices. There is really no one else like CFC and I’m just so grateful they have been able to help me."

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Amy I.

"My first introduction to Columbus Fitness Consultants was in January 2017, 5 years ago, when my husband and I were looking for a good exercise bike for our basement. I had suffered a knee injury a few years before and had had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee for a torn meniscus. Arthritis had started to set in in that knee and then I suffered a torn meniscus in my left knee, which made it a chore to walk any distance. I decided not to have surgery on the left knee and opted for therapy instead. Traditional PT was limited and did not get me where I wanted to be, so when I learned about the additional therapies offered at CFC, I jumped at the chance to try them. When I started with Jonathan, my knee pain and gait were so bad that I had to have 4 weeks of MAT (muscle activation technique) and FSM (frequency specific micro-current), just to get me to the place where I could walk better and could tolerate the workouts. What a difference that therapy made! Since then, I have seen Jonathan twice a week with the exception of illness, vacations, etc. We have developed such a good rapport that I consider him to be a good friend. I have worked with Jonathan except when someone was covering for him on vacation. I know most of the other trainer/therapists by name and have witnessed the utmost of professionalism and care. My husband and son have also been clients of CFC. A good friend just started recently and is thrilled. Since starting at CFC I have lost almost 40 pounds and can walk better. My knees still hurt some, but doing MAT periodically and FSM more frequently have kept me on my feet and moving. I had a concussion 2 years ago which kept me from working out for about 2 months, but Jonathan was able to help me by doing FSM and by easing me back into working out in a safe way. Recently, Jonathan treated my knees with laser therapy, which I feel was effective at reducing some inflammation. With the ongoing therapy and workouts, I am increasingly able to do more activities with minimal pain. Given that I am 62 years old and was feeling old and less capable of doing things when I started, I feel it is remarkable that I am feeling younger and stronger 5 years later.

CFC is a wonderful place to get help rehabilitating from an injury, but it is also a great place to get personalized attention while working out, and knowing that there is expertise there to deal with any type of sports injury is helpful and comforting."

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Ramona K.

"I came to CFC after my current therapies were not improving my symptoms. I'm really glad I did. MAT and strength training have made a positive impact. It feels awesome to not be in pain. Better yet, I'm getting stronger with increased range and rotation. Something I did not have before. I can't say enough about the CFC Staff, they are professional and very knowledgeable."

Sheldon Yoder

Sheldon Y.

"Joining CFC has been a great experience for me. I do a lot of biking and swimming, and this fall I developed an injured shoulder. Sarah did an evaluation to determine what the problem was, Jake has been doing weekly M.A.T work, and Kyle has been working with me twice a week on personalized workouts to strengthen my shoulder. Kyle has been very energetic, encouraging, and challenging in the workouts to get me back to full strength.

I had some aggressive goals to achieve in 2021 and they were able to get me back to full strength so I could still accomplish my goals! Everyone I have worked with at CFC has been friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend CFC!"

Louisa Testimonial Photo

Louisa B.

"I first started coming to Columbus Fitness Consultants in Fall of 2021 and come about 2-3 times a week. I do Muscle Activation Therapy, MAT, and Personal Training and I could not be happier with the results. I work with Sarah for MAT and Kyle for personal training. Since starting at CFC, I have been able to get more range of motion in my knees and my everyday tasks seem to get easier each day with little to no pain. I have also noticed that walking/running and steps are easier than they ever were before and the workouts through the personal training program are fit to the specific goals you want to reach. The staff here at CFC is truly amazing, they are so kind and flexible with your schedules, and you will not be disappointed!"

Mike Sayre_cropped

Mike S.

"In December 2019 at age 63, I was 60+ pounds overweight, inactive, working from home, and could barely walk the dog around the block because of severe hip pain (arthritis and a torn muscle).

At Christmas that year, I decided I had enough of that lifestyle and pain, started on the weight loss app Noom and made an appointment with the OSU sports program to get my hip fixed and begin rehab.

By mid-2020, I had lost my age in weight (my goal) and had set my next goal…to walk over 125 miles on the Camino de Santiago in Spain in the fall of 2021 (remember, I could barely get around the block!). The challenge was, that even though I had lost the weight and fixed the torn muscle, I could not get rid of the arthritis in both hips and what I thought was sciatica in my lower back, so that I could walk more than a couple of miles on a couple of days of the week with the amount of pain I was still feeling. Well, I needed to be able to walk 10-15 miles per day for 11 days to meet my schedule for walking the Camino and I would not be able to enjoy it in that much pain.

In early 2021, I was getting advice on walking the Camino from global hiker and friend, Trish Cadwallader (another CFC client). When I told her about my hips and back challenges, she told me about CFC and introduced me to Andrew Fawcett. I scheduled an evaluation with Andrew and he was confident in CFC’s ability to help me and my ability to meet my Camino walking goal in a lot less pain! Andrew (and his staff) is extremely well-versed in physiology, physical therapy, MAT (muscle activation technique), exercise and several other therapies (laser, pulse, etc.), and was able to explain to me exactly how a combination of many of those therapies may help me meet my Camino goal with minimal, if any, pain. I bought in.

The combination of Andrew’s therapies, exercise recommendations, and Katie Watkins’ exercise expertise and training, started producing small results within a couple of weeks…enough that gave me the same confidence that Andrew had that they could help me achieve my Camino goals and dream.

Over the months that followed, I was able to build up to 10-13 mile walks several days per week, with no pain in my hips or back (they were related). I couldn’t believe the difference!

In October of 2021, I completed my Camino de Santiago walk and literally had the time of my life! Northern Spain is so beautiful! An unbelievable experience I would recommend anyone check out, even if they currently have some physical challenges and pain they think would keep them from doing it. I highly recommend the work of Columbus Fitness Consultants, Andrew, Katie and the whole team, several of whom helped me achieve my goal pain-free!"

Kim T.-testimonial3

Kim T.

"CFC did a complete physical assessment of my strengths and weaknesses and developed my personalized workout plan. My personal trainer directs each session, sets up the equipment, demonstrates and instructs me on each exercise, provides new and challenging workouts, and offers unlimited words of encouragement. I provide the sweat! CFC is a values based, customer-service oriented, professional business. My workout sessions are a precious gift I give to myself, an investment in my physical and mental health. Thanks, CFC, and my trainer, Kari, for helping to make that happen."

Kathy Shepherd

Kathy S.

"Joining the CFC family has been a game changer for me. My team (Andrew, Katie, Jake, and Caleb) has made significant progress reducing my pain, improving my balance, and increasing strength to the point I postponed a 3rd back fusion. Not only are they great cheerleaders, but everyone on staff is always warm and welcoming when I come through the door. What a caring atmosphere! In addition, my program is designed for me. If a technique doesn't produce results, we try something else. No "one size fits all" PT here. The team truly wants the client to improve.

I have been coming to CFC consistently for 8 months (July 2020). I look forward to the MAT and microcurrent treatments. Mastering the jelly balls is my current goal. I have referred friends and my eye doctor."

Lindy McLean

Lindy M.

"About 4 years ago, I sought help from CFC for a problem I was having with walking. Prior to this I was walking 5-7 miles, 5 days a week and suddenly I had pain that kept me from walking 2 miles. My physical therapist started me on Muscle Activation Therapy and FSM as well as an exercise program designed for me. It seemed to help until it didn’t. We tried everything from the Dolphin to laser and finally, while doing MAT, she found a suspicious area in my upper thigh right where my pelvic bone was.

I had gone to several orthopedic doctors prior to this, and they just kept saying it was arthritis and to keep exercising. The x-rays didn’t pick up the malignant carcinoma that had been growing in my leg and muscle for over a year. If my PT hadn’t found the mass, it might have gone to Stage 4 as the cancer was very aggressive. I went through a year of the strongest chemo and radiation, which finally led to a 5 ½ hour surgery to have the grapefruit size tumor removed and reconstruction of the area left by the removal at the height of the pandemic. I truly believe my recovery would have taken much longer based on the surgery they did that affected my muscles if I hadn’t been going to CFC before and during the last part of my treatment. I went into treatment stronger than most and amazed the doctors with my quick progress.

A year after the cancer surgery (April 2021), I found out the radiation had exacerbated the arthritis in my hip. I was looking at a hip replacement to be done on June 15th. The surgery was complicated as they had to put a longer rod in my femur to protect it from breaking in the future. I was in the hospital for 3 days and started in-home physical therapy on July 1st. Again, because I had been training at CFC the whole year before and up until the surgery, I again amazed my in-home PT with my progress and was discharged from PT in 3 weeks instead of 6. I will be going back to CFC in a week to continue to get stronger. If this doesn’t convince you that consistent exercise and MAT work, then I don’t know what will. CFC has been a godsend for me."