Microcurrent Point
Stimulation (MPS)

An Integrative Therapy to Fight Chronic Pain


What is Microcurrent Point Stimulation?

Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) is the world’s first integrative therapy developed exclusively to sympathetically Deregulate the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and fight chronic pain. The theoretical underpinnings of MPS Therapy are based on combining the “therapeutic pearls” of acupuncture, osteopathy, integrative dentistry, and neural therapy with modern neurology, with microcurrent.

MPS protocols are the ultimate in integrative pain protocols. The power of integrating all these healing techniques into one protocol means MPS can produce far superior outcomes over traditional pain therapies (in a fraction of treatment time). No wonder the MPS Therapy is now the first choice for treatment of chronic pain by over 40,000 therapists and hundreds of hospitals worldwide.

How does Microcurrent Point Stimulation work

MPS locates and applies concentrated Direct Current (DC) microcurrent to therapeutically active points (acupuncture & trigger) for the purpose of relaxing muscles, calming the nervous system, and releasing endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. The unit is engineered to detect and treat these active points with great scientific precision & potency, providing stimulation of all three systems at once — nervous, muscular, and endocrine.

MPS has been a remarkable success in the fight against chronic pain and the results are so impressive using this approach, that complete or substantial relief (60-85%+) from pain often occurs within 1-3 applications.

Most patients require 2-10 treatments for lasting outcomes, with some chronic patients requiring ongoing daily or bi-weekly applications. MPS protocols may be quickly individualized to any patient’s needs and applied within 3-20 minutes.


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