Blood Flow Restriction
Training (Kaatsu)

A safe, efficient, and effective form of strength training.

Blood Flow Restriction Training was developed by Dr. Yoshiaki Sato in 1966. He named it Kaatsu, which means “additional pressure” in Japanese. Its Japanese kanji characters look like this: 加圧.

Kaatsu is safely and effectively used by athletes and non-athletes of every age, ability and background in Asia, Europe and the Americas in order to gain muscular strength, increase range of motion, and enhance sports performance.  Its products are used by Japanese, Chinese, and American Olympic gold medalists and world champions, professional athletes, collegiate student-athletes, high school athletes, military personnel, and individuals from all walks of life ranging between 4 and 104 years.

Benefits of Kaatsu



  • Skin Tightening
  • Results similar to high-intensity exercise without the usual drawbacks to skeletal muscles
  • Light weights used to preserve joints and protect against connective tissue tears


  • Increase the capability for oxygen utilization in the muscles
  • Increased rates of oxygen transportation between tissues
  • Increased ability to clear metabolites during and after your training programs

General Exerciser

  • Cardiovascular benefits similar to a bout of long steady state cardio
  • Increased definition or size of your arms and legs


  • Increased blood flow allows more efficient clearing of waste products and more nutrients brought into the injured limb
  • More efficient recovery when utilized with therapeutic exercises

What is Kaatsu?

Kaatsu training, also referred to as blood flow restriction training, allows you to use very light weights at high repetition, giving you a high-intensity workout with minimal risks.

Blood flow restriction training can stimulate muscle growth and strength in about half the time, using about one-third of the weight, compared to standard weight training.

By reducing venous flow, forcing blood to remain inside your muscle longer than normal, you quicken muscle fatigue and muscle failure that triggers repair and regeneration processes, resulting in rapid muscle growth.

A Quick Look at Kaatsu

  • Kaatsu is a revolutionary method of exercise that was developed in Japan in 1966 and perfected through the 1970s, and is supported by extensive research
  • It's a safe, efficient, and effective form of strength training & can be used by individuals in every sport & with every form of exercise
  • Kaatsu uses the moderation of blood flow in the arms and legs to exercise effectively and efficiently
  • Specialized pneumatic belts (Kaatsu Air Bands) are placed on the upper arms and upper legs that place a safe pressure on the limbs that leads to an engorgement of blood in the arms and legs

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