Hoist V Core Gym

HOIST V Core Home Gym


With Hoist’s compact V Core Home Gym, you can embrace functional training, incorporate progressive core development and enjoy workout variety.

Perform a full range of functional training exercises and dumbbell-style movements with a pair of easy-to-adjust Independent Adjuster Pulley Arms. The back pad offers full support or moves up and away to add instability to your routine, while the entire core platform can be locked for stability or unlocked for thorough core strengthening during standing or seated exercises.

Vented weight-stack shrouds and Hoist’s 150-pound Radial Loc weight stack keep your workouts smooth and quiet, wide-groove pulleys provide an extended range-of-motion and outstanding cable durability, while Hoist’s Split Weight Cabling delivers twice the cable travel (for dynamic, real-world movements) and half the selected weight (for easier incremental strength gains).

You’ll also appreciate the dual high pulleys and an integrated rack for convenient accessory storage.