Pursuit of

Setting a New Standard for Whole Body Wellness.

At Columbus Fitness Consultants, we want to ensure we help our clients optimize their health and wellness for life. We do this through a long-term relationship with them where they can apply the learned skills and techniques through ongoing sessions with us. Just like you need to have your teeth checked by a dentist regularly even though you brush and floss your own teeth, we believe maintaining a consistent schedule with CFC will help to ensure optimization of your health and wellness.

We're also passionate about continuously educating ourselves and the medical community at large.

Our education process is more than a once-a-month "journal club."

Our team of advanced rehabilitation specialists and exercise physiologists participates in an an hour long didactic class room experience EVERY week to advance their knowledge. This class is called "The Greenspan Institute for Orthopedic Exercise Biomechanics" and teaches about the equations of human movement, kinesiology, and orthopedic exercise physiology. This ensures they are current on the latest scientific research and techniques.

Where appropriate, we enthusiastically train other medical professionals to leverage the principles of human engineering, exercise physiology and physical therapy to improve the lives of their patients. Our long-term goal is to work with the next generation of medical practitioners to open a dialogue about the role of biomedical fitness and advanced rehabilitation techniques in patient recovery and wellbeing.