Sue Fawcett

ASSAULT Air Runner

  Like running on air, but with a powerful amount of punch. This treadmill is like none you have ever known, burning up to 30% more calories than the average motorized version and built with intense training in mind. A remarkable feature, the AirRunner runs on your energy, with zero electrical consumption and a low

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Jacobs Ladder 2

Get the same workout and same reliability as the revolutionary Jacobs Ladder climbing cardio machine, yet designed for the home or small commercial environment – at a lower price. We took Jacobs Ladder and made 4 changes: 1. Width: Jacobs Ladder 2 is 27.25” wide to fit inside most interior doors in a home. 2.

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SportsArt C510 Cycle

SportsArt C510 Indoor Cycle SportsArt takes spin class to a whole new level of energy and competition. With a precision machined flywheel, fully enclosed drive belt, and extra wide base, the SportsArt C510 Indoor Cycle offers an experience most users have never felt before. Combining ergonomic handelbars and user-focused feature adjustablilty; spinners can focus on

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Sportsart T635 Treadmill

SportsArt T635 Treadmill continues to set industry standards in both unique design and biomechanic excellence. Our industrial-quality manufacturing provides dependability and functionality year after year. A self-lubricating belt system, heavy duty frame with a sturdy running platform, an Energy Smart™ idle feature and a wide range of display and workout programs. SportsArt Fitness treadmills are

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