AVT 5 Vibration Machine

The AVT™ 5.0 Vibration Machine brings the quality of the health club into the privacy of your own home.

With vibration training, all three types of skeletal muscles are instantaneously called into service because of the near-immediate level of fatigue, no longer is there a ‘progression of muscle fatigue’ as in normal strength training. That’s something even most well-conditioned people don’t achieve in their workouts because they don’t have the time, know-how or ability to perform all the different types of exercises required to activate all the different types of muscle fibers.

With muscles being stimulated to near peak capacity through vibration training, it maximizes muscle strengthening and flexibility, along with a host of other positive effects on your body. Weight loss can be achieved, cardio health and circulation improved, bone health increased, anabolic hormones secreted and reflex pathways re-connected. Whole body vibration training will even help the muscles produce and work through lactic acid.

  • Vibration Platform Size: 28″ (width) x 23″ (depth)
  • Machine Weight: 222lbs
  • Built-n Programs: 24 Pre Programmed Workouts
  • Custom Programs: 3 Programs Available for Custom Designed Vibration Exercise Routines
  • Middle Program Console: YES
  • Vibration Style: Mostly Vertical
  • Vertical Amplitude Settings: 1.5mm – 3mm
  • Maximum User Capacity: 400lbs
  • Frequency (Hertz) Capability: 30-50 Hz
  • Vibration Dampening Mats: (1) Premium High Fatigue AVT™ Dampening Surface – (1) Removable 10mm Dampening Mat
  • Upper Body Ability: (1) Set of Adjustable Resistance Straps with AVT Performance Handles™